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    DP55KG, Sound stops while using the mic


      Ok guys listen up, I have a serious problem which is driving me INSANE from day one, and would like to hear your thoughts if its a software problem or hardware problem (board replacement???).

      Whenever i try to use the mic in games or skype-like programs, the sound on my system suddenly stops. It doesnt always instanlly stop though, sometimes it takes up to a couple off minutes, first working fine until it stops. My microphone continues to work fine, others can hear me, the games and windows continue like theres no problem whatsoever but theres no sound.

      Im on Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 32bit, all updates and latest drivers installed.  i5-750 on an Intel (not kidding )  DP55KG.

      im also using the REAR panel for the mic and speakers, (nothing on the front panel HDaudio connector)

      plz help me.....