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    nuc5i3ryh charging port not working


      I assembled brand new nuc5i3ryh along with 8GB RAM and a 120 GB M.2 drive and isntalled win10. I could have sworn in the beginning, the charging port worked when power was off.Now after a BIOS update to whatever was newest on the intel website, the charging port only works when the NUC is on. Did the BIOS update mess up anything?

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          Hi eeegeek,


          It is necessary to change the power settings of your operating system. If your NUC is off, all the ports will not work.


          Mike C

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            Hello eeegeek,


            Another troubleshooting step is that you can check on BIOS the USB setting in regards of the powered USB port. Please get in to the BIOS - Advanced - Devices and under the USB tab please check the information on the left hand side, there should be an option that says "Portable Device Charging Mode" with different options:


            • Off: With that selected the USB will not respond neither with the NUC on nor of
            • Charging in S3/S4/S5: With that selected the USB will have charging capabilities if you send the computer to sleep (S3), hibernation (S4) or shut down (S5)
            • Charging Only: USB Port will always provide extra power but cannot be used to transfer data.

            Please make sure to have the second option selected and then save changes by pressing F10. After that you can test if the USB is powered with the NUC off. If the issue persists you can rollback to the version that you had installed before. You can do the rollback in the exact same way as you did the BIOS update.

            As a friendly advice, if the NUC is working fine we do not recommend to do any type of BIOS updates. The BIOS update is part of our troubleshooting steps and it is used only when needed unless you really need it for example to support a hardware component, which at this point the NUC does not have any problems with incompatible parts that require a BIOS update.

            Please let me know if the suggested workaround resolved your issue.

            Best regards,