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    Intel SE7520BD23 W/SRCS16 RAID - Performance Issues


      Hi All,

      Im new to the communities so bare with me.


      My server has this board and RAID controller card in it.  I have an 80GB RAID 1 for the OS and a 1TB 4 drive RAID 5 for the Data array.  Read/Write performance is Brutally slow!!!  I can read and write data to a USB device faster than i can to the RAID arrays.

      - The Raid controller card has a battery on it which is showing as healthy and i recently enabled "Adaptive Read Ahead" as well as "Write Caching" on both arrays but the performance has not changed.

      -both logical drives are in good shape with no errors found when chkdsk is run and both drives are notheavily fragmented...


      Does anyone have any insight into what can be done about this?