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    'Hotswapping' power sources on MBB


      I'm building a quadcopter and it would help if I could power the Edison on the mini breakout board via USB, then plug in the LiPo battery (3S, ~12V) which is connected to VIN when I'm ready to do a flight test, without having to power down the Edison and reboot powered from the battery. I haven't found a definitive answer, and having accidentally fried two Edisons already I'd like to be sure. The closest I've gotten is the MBB hardware guide stating that "the 5 V rail is diode ORed with the USB VBUS rail".


      As an aside, should I have some form of protection between the Edison and the battery? Especially considering four motors can suddenly start pulling 40A at the flick of a switch... As you can tell I'm doing this project as a software engineer and not as an electronics engineer.


      edit: just to clarify, I'm wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to do this. I.e. power the Edison from USB, plug in VIN, and unplug USB, without rebooting.

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          Hello nemrod,

          Well, as you can see from the picture bellow (taken from the Mini Breakout Board schematics on sheet 3), you can see that VBUS (the USB power input) and VIN are separated. So you shouldn’t have any issues with that. You should be able to have both the USB and the battery connected and unplug any of them without getting any issues on the board.





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            I did see that, but with just that my inexperience and lack of knowledge with electronics didn't make me sure enough to want to risk busting a third Edison. I tried it now thanks to your post though, and it worked, so thanks!