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    DG45ID doesn't power up


      Hello all,


      I've assembled a PC using the Intel DG45ID motherboard, E7200 cpu 4GB RAM (G-skill)  Geforce 9500gt, Antec sonata III case.

      Assembly went fine without any problems, OS installation (Win XP pro 32bit) also went fine,

      Driver installation, including latest BIOS update and onboard devices, GPU all went fine.

      The last driver I installed was the onboard Audio.

      When the computer restarted after the audio driver installation, I plugged headphones to the audio connector on the front of the case to hear the windows startup sound, and validate that the driver is fine and the audio header connection is fine.

      I heard the start up sound just fine and then i plugged a microphone to the front microphone connector.

      The moment I plugged the mic, the PC instantly shut down and I could never power it up again.

      I tried disconnecting all the headers, and some of them but nothing works,

      The PC wont power up.


      I have no idea what to think or what to try,

      Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.