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    Intel Graphics HD 3000 for Mobile 2nd-Gen iProcessors Hasn't Been Upgraded to Windows 10, Causing a Stretched Screen. FIX NOW.


      Seriously, I have a Dell Inspiron 15R from 2011, Model No. N5110, with a secondary AMD 6470M Graphics card, and I'm getting this stretched screen as soon as the OS had finished upgrading. I'm getting a stretched 1280x1024 screen on my native 1368x768 wide screen, and while some people may be okay with having stretched displays on their monitors as they're projecting a 4:3 image onto a Smart board, THIS IS HAPPENING TO A LAPTOP WITH A BUILT-IN SCREEN AND THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP.


      It's like the Intel Driver didn't survive the upgrade. This is a warning for those who are getting a stretched screen in Windows 10.




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