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    Intel modular server - recent critical events



      We have an intel modular server with two host. Yesterday our Primary power supply gone, and our secondary power supply (an automatic aggregator) not started. While the maintainers try to fix the power supply the server stop and start few times.


      Today when i logged in the modular server i see the following on dashborad --> in the system health box: red X on Power supply.

      power supply 1 and 2 -->No power applied or power supply failure, potential cooling problem...

      power suplly 3 -->ok
      ps4-fan blank -->OK


      But only the power 3 was plugged in. I don't now if this problem or not. The current watt load was 457W and stay in green zone. Anyway, i plugged in another power supply, but the required action still show "Install Power Supplies"
      First question: May i have to initialize or have to do something, or enough just plug the power supply on?


      At time when the primary power line was gone, the following event log was appeared:


      1. HDD Cooling Zone Fault
         Power Supply slot 1 has a defective fan and is contributing to a HDD Cooling Zone Fault.
         But Power Supply 1 was not plugged in...so i don't understand why that was logged..?

      2 PS Slot #1 Fan #1 Tach: Lower Critical sensor threshold asserted
         Sensor: PS Slot #1 Fan #1 Tach: The sensor reading is too low

      3. PS Slot #2 Fan #1 Tach: Lower Critical sensor threshold asserted

      4. PS Slot #1 Output Voltage: Lower Critical sensor threshold asserted



      May i have to do something? No new events in the log. Today i clear.


      Thank you !