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    Intel Wireless-AC 7260 Issues


      I have finally gave up and bought an USB adapter for my laptop. I honestly was really mad at Intel but honestly, it is either an issue with the hardware or something in the BIOS was disabling it.



      When the problems began for me it happened after I plugged the laptop into the wall in and older home during a thunderstorm. While there was no noticeable power issues I wonder if an influx of electricity could have cause some mobo issue as the Wi-Fi stopped that night.


      I did all the troubleshooting you read here. It would work sometimes for a while then quit again. I fixed it and recently when it began to drop again I realized that there wasn't even anything remotely related to it in the event logs except for the after effects (Intel AC...blah blah not responding)


      I also realized that the last time I did a clean install on my PC I installed a retail version of Windows and not an OEM version. I didn't think that would matter but now that I installed an OEM version it is working as intended (except for Wi-Fi) and I am getting things pushed to my PC from Asus, which I haven't had happen since reinstalling Windows. But still no Wi-Fi and now it doesn't even show once. It would at least show for a little while.


      So what I guess I am trying to say is that it might be time to move on..