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    Hello Intel? Information please!


      A lot of your customers have bricked drives. They need to know if they should send them back with an RMA now, or if a new firmware update can fix the drive. Others have updated successfully but are now unsure what to do (I want to know I it's safe to upgrade to Win7 from Vista for example).


      I guess what happened with the 02HA firmware is about the worst that can happen to a manufacture entering into a new market for them, especially when things went wrong earlier already. I assume that's why you are now taking time to very carefully investigate the matter. But some of us need answers now.


      Please give a forecast on when we can expect a fix, or at least re-publish the previous firmware so we can bring our drives back to a safe state!

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          I just contacted the intel technical support. they said that they themselves dont know yet where the bug in the firmware is, and that they will contact me sometime next week to tell me if i have to send the drives back, or if a simple firmware upgrade will fix everything.

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            Somewhere next week? Auch... that is a long time! 

            I don't think I will wait that long and I will just go ahead with my install.

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              This is indeed something I miss from Intel at the moment. At least to inform on the current state and possible solution (date, form...). They should publish at least old FW ("re-badged" to look as new, so the update process is possible) for those, who has flashed new FW and are very nervous at the moment (with no way back). "We are aware..." is all I have heard up until now No temporal solution (old FW), no suggested date of release of new FW (so one knows if and how long to wait). I wonder if Intel got anything from the previous FW bios password problem, beacuse this is not how to handle premium customers (which SSD owners still are at the moment). This is not bashing Intel, but I don't understand the silence at all and I am also left in the dark. What is next?

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                Yes Intel could at least post the occasional status update. I too do not feel comfortable, knowing that my Postville might or might not break down any time.


                However, just flashing the previous firmware on top of the faulty one could be just as dangerous. Intel needs to thoroughly investigate whether it's safe to flash back. Backflashing has probably never been done before.

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                  Hope they can resolve this issue soon. I haven't RMA my SSD yet because I am still hoping if a new FW fixes everything and I get all the data back.

                  Intel, please post some information!

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                    Well... still not a word from Intel. I guess that for people who can't use their PC anymore it may seem that the priority Intel is giving this might be a little bit low.

                    Perhaps it's time for a major tech blog like engadget or slashdot put some focus on this again...

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                      Am I the only one who is beginning to get ****** off?


                      Nobody knows whether to stick, twist, RMA, buy OCZ or what.


                      The lack of direction from Intel is simply embarrasing.

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                        I think they are taking time to collect newly produced SSDs to have them available for RMA if it is time.

                        Otherwise they would have given a sign of life until now

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                          We at least deserve a status update/ETA. This is causing a lot of downtime which equals loss of money in some scenarios. Also, these drives were not exactly cheap. Basic Help Desk/Tech Support customer service requires communication/updates with the stakeholder (customer) if the issue is not resolved within the company Service Level Agreement (SLA)...whatever this is for Intel. This is even more important for issues that affect multiple stakeholders.


                          It has been 15 days now since the firmware was released. I am a huge fan of Intel, but I myself am getting frustrated now.  =/


                          If they have a dedicated team working on this issue, then I would at least expect regular status updates.



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                            Same here, I just can't believe they are just silent apart from the very few and vague messages. I think the 1st thing they should have done is to make the previous firmware available again (repackaged if necessary) so further failing of drives is prevented. They should have done that within a day or something. Next thing, give an ETA for a definitive fix.


                            Come on, this is Intel. A technology leader. They way they are acting make them look like some unknown unreliable manufacturer from a not-so-developed country. Sjees!


                            (I am just glad that my drive is okay so far, despite the upgrade)

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                              The sad part is there was probably a fix days after the problem came up... now some engineer is buried in paperwork.  I will say the public relations for this problem is SAD.  Its amazing how far simple updates would go for customer loyalty, next time I may consider OCZ etc...

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                                This is really getting ridiculous now. Almost two weeks have passed since problems first started to appear.

                                And even after two weeks not a single word from Intel on

                                - what happened (will lost data be available again with a the next firmware?)

                                - why it happened (will customers be safe for whom it currently works?)

                                - when it will be fixed (when can I use the brand new SSD sitting on my shelf?)


                                VERY disappointing Intel !

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                                  We'd all be buying OCZ if the Intel wasn't the best drive.

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                                    what is worse is I think nobody from Intel is listening to this thread.

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