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    NUC5i5RYH black screen on DP 1.2 after sleep (Windows10)


      Intetl NUC5i5RYH with Intel M2 530 SSD and Kingston Impact RAM.

      Last BIOS vers, last drivers vers. (7/17) form Intel site.


      Works ok with Win 8.1 but I made the mistake to upgrade to Windows 10 and since ... every time when monitor go to sleep it won't wake up. NUC LED it-s blue, fan spinning but that's all.


      - if I connect NUC with monitor DP 1.2 - no image after sleep but if I connect via HDMI to TV I have image on TV after sleep.

      - if a I set extended desktop on tv doesn't help, if primary screen it's DP connected no image after sleep.


      Beta driver for HD6000 - Win 10 ?