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    Windows 10 upgrade deleted the recovery partition


      I've just got a new intel Compute Stick and setup it with the included Windows 8.1. I've also upgraded the BIOS to 0024 (the latest at that time).

      Imediatelly I was offered to download and do the upgrade to Windows 10, which I did.

      Fortunately, everything went perfect, because when I looked at the Disk Management application I saw that the recovery partition was vanished and all space was allocated to the Windows primary partition (besides the 100MB EFI partition). Of course, pressing the F8 key at startup results in 0xc000225 error probably because the partition does not exist.


      On the other side, I think the recovered space is more useful than a recovery partition, because in an emergency situation I could boot from an USB drive with a Windows 10 installation, but... there is a problem. I noticed that Intel does not supply System Drivers for the Atom SoC (UART, GPI, etc), only for the Graphics, WLAN and BT devices.


      Why Intel does not provide a system drivers package for the Compute Stick (like the MRD7 driver package for chinese Atom tablets and Mini-PCs)?

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          Interesting, I've found a Windows 10 package for system drivers (Intel MRD7 Win10 Driver Package - PV Candidate WW29.5), the files are newer, version starts with 604 instead of 603 showing a specific Windows 10 compilation. Let's hope we'll have those drivers for ICS soon .

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            What option did you use on the windows 10 setup to make the Recovery partition go bye bye ? when you were in Windows 8.1?

            its like Upgrade to Windows 10 > What to keep Section

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              I did the upgrade a day before the official instructions were posted., but I've had experience from other computers that I upgraded. The Win 8.1 installation was just finished when I was offered the Win 10 upgrade (automatically by Windows Update, not by Media Creation Tool).

              I chose to keep all files, apps and settings (default option), anyway there was no app installed after the OS setup.

              There was no option anywhere to erase or not the recovery partition. I just know it was there before the upgrade because I briefly  looked at the disk management UI after the Win 8.1 setup. I don't remember very well if other partitions were also present and what size were, but after the upgrade I have only the 100MB EFI partition and a 28.28GB Windows partition. Somehow the upgrade program decided he needs more space so he ate it (maybe because there was an obsolete OS recovery there).

              I don't mind this situation, I preffer to have more space, only the lack of official system drivers is my concern (not all MRD7 drivers apply to ICS so the setup is not very straight-forward).

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                Do you have a suggestion for me who also upgraded to Win 10 and lost the recovery partition, but the upgrade failed?


                So my current situation is:

                     blue screen with error code: 0xc000225 on boot

                     no recovery USB-stick

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                  You can use another computer and download the official Windows 10 Home installation from Microsoft to a USB stick (use rufus to create a bootable stick from ISO). Then you can try to boot from it and install Windows from scratch. But I suspect you will have a problem with the product key, because when you upgrade from 8.1 the key is changed and stored on Microsoft's licensing servers. If the upgrade didn't happen, you have no corresponding key.

                  So it is better to replace the ICS on warranty.

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                    Yes, the product key is my worry. I'll get in touch with Intel's support here in Sweden. If they can't help me fix my current compute stick, they'll hopefully replace it. My impression is that Intel are relatively forthcoming and replaces faulty products without the customer having to set up a fight.


                    Tanks again.

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                      This isn't in reply only to Intel products but the Windows 10 process in general. I found out too late that my recovery partition was completely gone on my ASUS laptop after upgrading from windows 8.1 to Windows 10, I didn't receive any notification before the upgrade that this would happen, only that I could roll it back within 30 days. Well, I discovered an intermittent problem with the windows 10 upgrade and it was seemingly hardware compatibility or software compatibility related. Unfortunately by the time I had found this out it was past the 30 days and I was not able to roll back to my original windows 8.1 O/S. And of course you don't get recovery disks with a Windows 8 system and no product key on the laptop.


                      My advice is before doing the upgrade or even signing up to do the automatic upgrade, IMAGE your complete disk using another computer or disk imaging program that can completely restore your disk and partition the way it was, especially if you are running any mission critical software or software that you depend on to work perfectly.


                      I was crazy to trust that Microsoft would leave the original recovery partition intact on the hard drive and that I could simply run the full recovery and get my original operating system back if needed. This is just another slap in the face by M$ with their controlling practices and nonchalant attitude like, we can do whatever we want, we're too big to fail. Very disappointed. Luckily I was able to get past the problem and a piece of hardware I was using had an update luckily that seems to be working so far with Windows 10 now. It is a sound driver related problem that was causing blue screens at very sporadic, random times, sometimes with two weeks or more between failures!


                      Thanks for your post ADiGB, Google search led me to your post regarding this and now I know I'm not the only one that would expect a system I purchased to be able to be rolled back to it's original O/S despite doing an O/S upgrade.

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                        Hi All,


                        The steps below show how to create a recovery media and installation image of Windows® 10.

                        Windows® 10 Upgrade Instructions


                        Mike C