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      Hey guys,

      I'm trying to use a series of Galileo gen 2 boards, all connected to Ethernet, to sense some values. Based on these senced readings, each Galileo should display certain text. Any idea how I can achieve this? Should I use a cloud service? can I use a Galileo as a server? How do I establish direct communication between these boards?

      Can you help me out, I am new here.

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          Well it depends on how you plan to display the text. You can collect data from the sensors and interact with them in the Arduino IDE. You can see the data it displays in the Serial Monitor. You can also display data on a LCD display for example. There are several threads in this forum that show users making projects with LCD screens.


          You can also use the Galileo as a web server, you can check this example Creating a Web Server on the Galileo: Using the Arduino IDE. | Allyn H to get you started.


          Regarding the communication method it is up to you to determine, based on your application, what would be the best approach for your project. What communication method are you going to use? Take a look at Arduino - IntelGalileoGen2 for some information on how to communicate with different devices using a Gen 2 board.



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            I've already got the LCD to work ,just needed away for the galileos to interact without having to use a pc everytime. Thanks for the links, I'm trying to figure out the best possible way to establish the communication.

            Thanks for your interest again.