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    Core i5 3470 3.2ghz temperature reaching 100c


      Hello and thank you for taking the time reading this post. i apologize in advance as i really am not technically savvy when it comes to CPU, GPU core clocks, frequency and all that stuff. but i have an intel core i5 3470 for about 2 years and just recently i was playing a game WARFACE and it would freeze on me. when i press on CTRL + ALT + DELETE it would then turn into a complete freeze including the mouse cursor and im left with no other choice but to force shut down my PC. after the force shutdown it would sometimes case a strange beeping sound which at first i thought was the RAM but then turned out to be the CPU temperature as displayed in the BIOS info on boot. sometimes it would still boot and allow me to go into the bios to see the CPU temp blue bar reaching around 98%. i downloaded CoreTemp and whilst on the desktop at idle ( with some small windows open ) i find that my idle CPU temp is at 50c (screenshot below) ... and when i play warface it reaches to 100c ... CoreTemp was set to display HOT temp in ORANGE and CRITICAL temp in RED. i wasn't able to get a screenshot of when it reaches CRITICAL because thats when the computer had to be restarted. it was showing orange 100c whilst im playing the game. i was wondering if 100c is normal or not and what can i do to lower the CPU temp whilst playing.



      NOTE that when i assemble my desktop PC i never play around with the hardware configurations and start overclocking stuffs. but recently i had to give my PC a major cleanup. i had to remove the CPU fan from the processor and in the process damaging the gray cooling paste in between. i did not brush off the paste i just sort of put it back together like piecing a broken vase. that could have been causing my CPU to overheat. if so what can i do to fix it ?


      IDLE screenshot



      GAMING screenshot



      any clarity on this would be greatly appreciated.