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    driver problem


      Intels Driver center installed the extreme graphics 2  ( )  After installing  divx software and uninstalling a sales thing they tried tricking me with i became cancerned my driver was not working or corrupted .  It would not reinstall... So I uninstalled it . The Intel (R) extreme made a huge improvement and I was weary of taking it out but I thought itsw easy enough to download again... Well as the computer gods would have it it seems to have vanished from the intel driver center i got it from and to make matters worse ther is a zip file everyone has that offers it but is missing a file or corrupted. I soon read others comments to this effect validating it was not just my incompetence.


      So.... Is anyone familiar with this problem .. where can I get Intel(R) Extreme Graphics 2 driver   And Im using compaq dc5000mt and sadly cant uprade it anymore components are getting scarce or id get graphics card.. Time for new computer but in the meantime ...........