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    W2600CR2 / C602


      I cannot seem to get 2 Radeon 290X video cards to link up in the primary and secondary x16 slots ( Bottom and next one up ). They both are recognized and display separately however they will not form a crossfire link. Is there any bios setting for this in the UEFI or standard bios to fix this. These cards do not utilize the older bridge link they communicate through the pci-e bus. I have followed AMDs recommendations to no avail.




      Intel W2600CR2
      Xeon E5-2687W Single cpu installed
      16GB DDR3-1333 4x4GB
      Samsung 840 SSD 256GB
      Psu Superflower 2000w 8 Pack.

      Thanks everyone for looking

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          We regret to inform that the cards will not form a crossfire link since such configuration is not supported on Intel(R) server boards. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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            I dont mean to sound doubting however, I know of other boards based on the C602 chipset that im sure are nearly identicle trace wise and hardware wise to the 2600cr2. This board is marketed as a Workstation board (The S2600IP being the server variant) with 4 double spaced PCIE X16 slots i cannot possibly see how Crossfire wouldnt be supported. Does it support Nvidia SLI? ...I love team intel, but i gotta say this is very unexpected. It is one thing not to be certified for crossfire and or SLI, but what about this board would prevent the cards from linking up, is it a bios option or was this deliberately circumvented in the firmware.


            Thanks for your tolerance, haha.

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              To answer your question, according to the Technical Product Specification for the server board; it does not offer any kind of  option in the BIOS to link two different cards together as you are looking for:


              Server Products — Technical Product Specification