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    Better Recovery Partition Software - Acronis True Image 2015 for PC


      Acronis True Image 2015 for PC


      I think with the number of issues wrong with the Official Intel Recover Partition
      - missing drivers

      - unable to upgrade it both in updates, drivers or OS change


      Acronis True Image will be a much better for intel users the software is real user friendly and allow you to mitigate the image form the main flash to usb flash or cloud or nas

      it also does one better you can make more than one Recovery Partition's images for progressive updating being included in the images - software you add to your os also is added.


      It also has a very unique Try and Roll back feature
      Allows you to try software out, if you like it you keep it if you didn't / it went wrong you can roll back the OS and your other software with ease.


      so allows Intel users to get back on there feet faster [os ready to go + there software]


      Best time to get Acronis True Image

      When you first get your Intel Compute Stick and do all the window 8.1 updates before making you Image Backup
      along with Full sized 2x SD Cards [You can Wire lock them [a little switch] - useful for keeping your images clean from infections, malicious software - virus, worm, trojan, adware, spyware, root kit, etc.]

      One 16GB - this ones not used with Acronis [you use this with the Windows  "Create a Recovery Drive" so you can recover the space Intel Recover Partition from your main flash (if it allows you)

      One 32GB or bigger - Used with Acronis