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    Intel Atom Z2760 GMA driver update for windows 10 - mixed messages from intel - please provide driver!


      Dear Intel people- reg the problem::

      Windpws10,"Driver availability for the graphics controller on the processor model Z2760"

      I find it quite unprofessional and very frustrating that Intel communicates completely different messages via different media channels:

      In this forum (see Intel Atom and Windows 10) you state development of the driver is not done by Intel - whereas via twitter Intel states that the driver developement is actually onggoing:

      Kristijan on Twitter: "@IntelSupport Hi, hello. Just a quick question. Will Atom Z2760 ever support Windows 10 ( graphic…

      "@IntelSupport Hi, hello. Just a quick question. Will Atom Z2760 ever support Windows 10 ( graphics medila accelerator in particular)? -

      IntelSupport@IntelSupport      30. Juli    @LeCoeurSec Oh yes!! We will have it soon on our website. Pls feel free to ping us for any help.- AT"


      Also, reg. ownership of the driver-update: The current windows 8.1 GMA driver is copyrighted by Intel (Version - how can you state that further development is owned by the device manufacturer, i.e. Samsung??

      It is Intels responsibility to develop the GMA driver update, since Intel developed and copyrighted the 8.1 Version!


      Pls respond with a throughly researched answer (i.e. pls no reference to a not updated compatibiltiy list, which does not even state Win 10 for the entire Atom Family, like in other answers like here: Graphics Drivers — Supported Operating Systems) - we all are waiting eagerly on this driver to be able to update our tablets properly to Win10.

      I think you owe it to all the early adaptors, who bought the 1st available Intel Windows Tablet, so that they can use the intended update for their Tablets,


      Thank you.


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