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    network suspends in windows 8.1


      I bought 30pcs of ICS for a Digital Signage(DS) project.

      All is working fine... or at least god enough.


      But the DS software have a fuction for saving the LED screens by setting the HDMI output to zero.

      This way the screen goes to standby night time and the hardware can rest.


      This has always worked fine on ALL intel or any platform that can sustain Windows.


      On the ICS the network both internal WiFi and external LAN via USB-LAN adapter goes down as soon as the HDMI output is cut.

      (Both the open SSL and the socks connections)

      I've tried to change all in "power options" and under "manage hardvare" un-tic the box that alows the WiFi and USB hardware to be alowd to go to sleep.


      Also the ICS don't wake up when it should.

      I've used this software on other 3536F based computers and it worked fine.


      Now the only way to get it to wake up is to press the power button.


      Any idea how to avoid this?