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    Voltage Required



      I got a small boat and i'd like to instal computer. On bord i only got 12v dc from a battery. So id like to know if it is possible tu run a nuc without power conversion. And id like to know the power requirements. since power is limeted.



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          Do you have any NUC model you could provide to us?


          In case you are looking for power supply requirements, I recommend checking the technical product specification (TPS) for NUC here:

          Intel® NUC — Technical Specifications



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            first of all im looking for an NUC5i5RYK or NUC5i3RYK.

            Since id like to run the NUC of a normal AGM battery my question is : am i able to run the NUC. The low Voltage is about 11v an the charging voltage is 14.8v.

            In your technical documentation you write 12 - 19v . The question is the tollerace and the exact minimum voltage.

            I know the posebillety of a dc dc converter but i think this option would cost an extra amount of power...