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    DQ45CB cannot record


      Have just installed Win7 (and afaik all the correct driver) everything looks OK in device manager. But after installing Adobe Audition

      I'm told (when I try to record)


      A device ID has been used that is out of range for your system.


      An error was generated by your sound card.  It may not be properly configured - reinstall your sound

      card driver, check the sound card documentation and, if necessary, contact the sound card

      manufacturer to help you resolve this hardware error.

      I tried another version of Audition to see if any different, and when loading it says


      The currently installed soundcard driver does not support

      DirectSound Input. Recording audio is not possible.



      Attempting to record shows


      The selected input port or ASIO driver is invalid.

      Please change your settings in the Audio Hardware Setup


      But there is just one Audio Driver there "Audition Windows Sound"

      and the other settings are not clear. 


      With previous Win XP and a non Intel motherboard, these all worked with nothing else needed.


      Thanks. Any help appreciated.


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          Hello ADK,


          So just to confirm the motherboard audio is working fine but the issue appears when you try to record? What device are you using to record? Do you have an audio card in the motherboard? If so, what is the model of it?


          Kevin m