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    Which programming languages are supported by Intel Galileo Gen 2 ?


      I need to know clearly which languages are supported by Galileo Gen 2. For example , is Assembly Langusage supported  or other languages ?  If someone can explain this, I'll be very glad. Thanks. 

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          Hello byrmyksl,


          Basically every programming language compatible with Linux can be used on the Galileo. Out of the box the Galileo's internal image includes Python and of course the compatibility with Arduino IDE. However if you use an SD Card image you will find that the Galileo's capabilities are way beyond that. For example, you could install GCC, G++, Node.JS, Mono among other in order to compile code in C, C++, JavaScript and C# respectively. Nevertheless as I mentioned before these are not the only languages the Galileo can handle. As long as a programming language can be installed in Linux, it is probably compatible with the Galileo.

          Let us know in which language you are interested and we will try to help you install it.



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            Hi  Peter,


            First of all, thank you very much for your informations.

            I understood that using with an SD card I can use a lot of programming languages provided that installing compilers of them. Right ? For example, if I want to use x86 assembly, I should install compiler of it. Now, I don't have an idea how can I do and install compilers but more importantly I'm wondering about that can I use Galileo Gen 2 as a computer. I mean if I write some codes in gedit or other text editors for example file can be " helloWorld.c ", can I compile it on Galileo Gen 2 ? Is there a something like terminal (console) on it ? Can I access Galileo Gen 2's folders ? If answers of these questions are yes, is solution that using an SD card and make necessary operations like install somethings to this card ?
            I'm new about Galileo Gen 2 and if I wrote something wrong please excuse me. Thank you in advance for your interest.

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              Well in case of bare metal programming it is not so easy, however the subject has been discussed in Re: Is it possible to use intel galileo for bare metal programming?. If you are interested in programming in assembler, then I'd suggest you to take a look at that thread.


              Regarding other programming languages such as C, C++, Python, Node.JS, etc; yes, it is as simple as installing them on the Galileo and you will be able to compile code but in the Galileo's case you will be using vi instead of gedit.

              Yes, there is a terminal in the Galileo where you will be able to interact with the board's internal Linux OS. Anyway in order to access it you will need a serial cable. You will find the appropriate serial cable for your Galileo whether it is a Gen1 or Gen2 here: Intel® Galileo Boards and Kits — Console Serial Cables. Once you have it you will be able to enter the Galileo's Linux through PuTTY (or any other similar software) and yes you will have access to the Galileo's file system.


              Regarding the SD Card, yes it is not optional if you want to have access to the Galileo's 100% potential. It will be needed to store packages, scripts even sketches.

              As I mentioned before, let me know which language you want to install and we'll try to help you do it.



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                Hi Peter,



                I've had some troubles with my Galileo so I couldn't answered your answer. I'm so sorry about this latency. I bought a new Galileo and now it's ready to use.
                Turning now to my problem, I exactly want to use three different programming languages on Galileo. I mean, if I print "Hello World !" to Galileo's terminal with C programming, I want to do this with C++ and Java programming too. My aim is using  three different languages on Galileo for the same job. As a summary, I need to use C,C++ and Java on Galileo. What should I do to realise this ? If you show how to solve this, I would be so pleased. Thank you very much in advance for your interest.