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    Intel HD Graphics 5500 corrupts my screen, help.


      Oh boy.

      I bought a new Lenovo Y40 SSD laptop very recently and even upgraded to windows 10. 

      It has an Intel HD Graphics 5500 and an AMD Radeon R275.

      Immediately upon exiting a game <Deus ex> in windows 10, my screen became extremely "pixelated," constantly refreshed itself every 5 seconds, and after 3 or so refreshes it clunked out and went to BSOD.


      I said "ok, well screw windows 10, lets revert back to windows 8.1! surely that will fix whatever driver (I hope) problem I have."


      The problem persisted in windows 8.1.  I did some more research and decided to disable all my video drivers in safe mode.

      I noticed this:

      Whenever I disable my Intel HD Graphics 5500 driver everything works fine in normal boot.  As soon as I enable it everything come tumbling down, but at least in windows 8.1 it doesn't go to BSOD.


      AMD gives me the "Not properly installed" message but I believe that is linked to the Intel card.

      I have tried installing drivers for the past few days, no luck.

      Any help will be much appreciated, I have looked all over and could not find anything to help. I will post DxDiag upon request.


      Here is a video of what happens to the screen (youtube link):

      Intel HD Graphics 5500 oh lawd - YouTube