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    Optimus Technology + Intel HD Graphics 4600 - Native Resolution Scaling Stuck At "Maintain Aspect Ratio"


      Hey all.


      On my NVIDIA GTX770M notebook which uses Optimus along with the HD Graphics 4600 chip, I used to be able to change my scaling at my native res to "Scale Full Screen" so when I launched a video game at a 4:3 resolution it stretched to the entire the screen and didn't have black bars on either side.


      It seems that now I'm forced to use "Maintain Aspect Ratio" as it is checked and there are no other options for scaling.


      I'm honestly just seeking some confirmation as to whether or not this is a confirmed bug or I'm missing something and going crazy and never was able to adjust scaling at my native resolution... Regardless, when I launch games now I'm unable to stretch them to my full screen if I play them at a 4:3 resolution.