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    Video issue when switching HDMI ports on monitor


      I just got my NUC5i3RYK NUC up and running.


      I'm using an HP W2558hc monitor with dual HTMI inputs.  One input goes to my desktop PC and has no video issues.


      The second HDMI input goes to my NUC.  Occasionally, the NUC on reboot either doesn't display video or the screen flashes with video, then shows a black screen.  I can get video back by toggling the monitor's power.


      The second issue is that when I toggle between PC's, my desktop PC always displays the video as I left it.  The NUC shows the video as if the resolution has changed to a lower resolution, but then displays in 1920x1280.  The open windows have been resized smaller and pushed to the upper left portion pf the screen.


      I have swapped inputs on the monitor with no changes.  The problem follows the NUC.


      Any help/suggestions are appreciated.