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    RS2WC080.  This device cannot start. (Code 10)


           Please help!!


           I am trying to put this card into an existing system.  Driver installed fine, can boot into the RAID Bios and can see the drives attached to it just fine.


           But when I boot into windows(Windows Server 2008 R2)  and look at the Device Manager I see this:


           This device cannot start. (Code 10)


           What am I doing wrong?



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          Some additional information....


          I put this card into another similar rig to make sure it is fine, and it works great.  Array is recognized by the OS (same as the other Windows Server 2008 R2), and all seems well.  I went ahead and updated it firmware, etc. to the latest.  I pulled the profile from the machine where it is working, copied below.


          When I did get it installed in the other rig, I did notice several errors in the card's log all with this message:


          LOCALIZED MESSAGE = Controller ID:  0   Fatal firmware error:       Line 1480 in ../../raid/1078dma.c


          Please Help!!



          Server IP:     
          Server Name:             VailServer
          OS name:                 Windows Server 2008 R2
          OS Version:              6.1
          OS Architecture:         x86_64
          Driver Name:             megasas2.sys
          Driver Version:          6.707.07.00
          Application Version:     RAID Web Console 2 -

          Controller:              Intel (R) RAID Controller RS2WC080(Bus 2,Dev 0,Domain 0)
          Status:                  Optimal
          Firmware Package Version:20.12.1-0168
          Firmware Version:        2.130.394-3028
          BBU:                     NO
          Enclosure(s):            1
          Drive(s):                6
          Virtual Drive(s):        1

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            To ensure fully compatibility with the controller, please let us know the Intel server system that you are using along with this card