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    What is the GPIO pin mapping? Led blink 13 does not correspond to pin 13


      Today I did a test. I declared pin 1 to pin 13 as output and set each pin to High and LOW with 1 second interval. The LED on Pin 13 blinks fine but I am not able to get any signal on PINS1-13 on the Arduino breakout board. I scoped the LED and found that it was showing voltage in the scope but no voltage output from pins 1 -13. So what numbers do they actually correspond to? Obviously this

      pinMode(1, OUTPUT);

        pinMode(2, OUTPUT);

        pinMode(3, OUTPUT);

        pinMode(4, OUTPUT);

        pinMode(5, OUTPUT);

        pinMode(6, OUTPUT);

        pinMode(7, OUTPUT);

        pinMode(8, OUTPUT);

        pinMode(9, OUTPUT);

        pinMode(10, OUTPUT);

        pinMode(11, OUTPUT);

        pinMode(12, OUTPUT);


      does not correspond to pin marked as 1-13 on the Arduino break out board. This is crazy.Some one help me out.Strange thing is though I am able to scope the LED (pin 13) and see the voltage shift,I am not able to see that same voltage shift at the PIN 13 Header!