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    Using Sample Code and Actuation from the cloud


      Dear Intel Galileo Support Team,


        Have started recently to the world of Intel Galileo Gen 2, Javascript & Cloud Analytics. Am a technical guy, understand logic within programming languages but struggle with the tooling.

      With the Intel Galileo Gen 2, I use the Intel XDK to read data from the sensors onto the console. Am able to read the various sensors from the Grove kit and am now clear with the documentation where the the temperature data is sent to the cloud by registering the devices and making the charts as indicated in Figure 11 of  IoT - IoT Kit Agent | Intel® Developer Zone.


      Am clueless from the next line onward as there is no guidance/references to a novice. I understand that these are two different networking protocols (with its own pros/cons). I have read postings on the mqtt protocol

      IoTkit Examples and Iot Analytics problem and also another similar issue as mine IoT dashboard Control/Actuator working code or tutorial?.

      Evidently there are people like me out there!


      ...""There are two additional ways to send observation data to the IoT Analytics site:

      • A client can use the REST interface documented at https://github.com/enableiot/iotkit-api/wiki/Api-Home to interact directly with the cloud.
      • A client can send User Datagram Protocol (UDP) packets to the local Agent. The Agent converts these packets into REST calls and sends the request on behalf of the client....""


      Am listing my challenges below as I am struggling with the Intel Documentation.


      - All I want to do is to read my Grove temperature sensor onto the cloud using the Intel XDK, plot it on a chart, set a rule that a LED blinks when the temperature goes above 35 deg Celcius.

      Can I get an XDK Project in Javascript which I can use here.

      This would help me in bridging the data transfer to & fro with the sensor to the cloud.


      Am not able to use the code in GitHub. The readme part is really cryptic to me. Am wondering how to Start a project, include the right kind of files in it and define the pull,get functions etc.

      enableiot/iotkit-samples · GitHub


      The details in this page needs updating definitely for the Cloud connectivity part



      Have spend several days trying to readup on various topics and am quite frustrated.