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    Is the i5-4670 Windows 10 Compatible?


      Hiya All,


      I have recently purchased an intel Core i5-4670 3.40GHz (Haswell) LGA1150 Processor for my Asus Sabertooth Z87 motherboard.


      Unfortunately I am being told that I can not install Windows 10 due to this processor Not being supported and will need to purchase a new Pc?


      Now apart from the cheek of Microsoft in throwing a remark like that when not all of us have millions to chuck at a new Pc when we feel like it, I have been told by some Tech guys that the processor Is supported by Windows 10?


      I have updated all the hardware drivers.


      Has anyone else come across this issue please and/or does anyone know if there is a fix for this issue?


      Big thanks

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          Hello ForestTaff,


          The graphics controller in this processor is a 4th generation and I can confirm that Windows 10 is supported in this graphics controller.

          It is important to say that one thing is that the graphics controller can support Windows 10 and another thing is that the motherboard manufacturer will release Windows 10 drivers so it is necessary to check with the Computer Manufacture if they will release drivers.


          I did the homework now and I see it does support Windows 10:



          Kevin M

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            Hello ForestTaff,

            I would recommend that you check with the manufacturer of your system if it is compatible with Windows* 10. In regards to your CPU, please check the following web site: http://www.intel.com/support/processors/sb/CS-035705.htm

            Based on the Microsoft website, all 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster Intel® Processors will support Microsoft Windows® 10.

            The processor alone does not determine Window 10 compatibility. There are other considerations like the system BIOS, network cards, graphics, and other system components that come into play. For systems running Windows 7* or Windows 8.x*, there is an application available from Microsoft that will tell you if your system is compatible.

            Get Windows 10 is an application designed by Microsoft that will check to tell you if your system, including the Intel® Processor, is compatible with Windows 10. Access this Microsoft Windows 10 Q&A to find this information and other pertinent information on Windows 10.

            I hope this helps,