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    Intel mobile express 4 chipset family windows 10


      So , I just upgraded to WIndows 10 Home and very 10-15 second the screen goes blank. I have an HP laptop and I am unsure if the latest driver from 2013 is compatible with this new OS. I can click on the touchpad top bring the display back but need help.



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          Hi I have similar issues, the default driver is not working properly. So i was wandering if there is a windows 10 driver that i can try. I downloaded all the test driver on the sticky posts but seems that they are not working properly. I had a similar problem with windows 8.1 so i manage to tweak the windows 7 drivers to make them work properly. Now with windows 10 i went back to the same situation, but i'm not able to apply the drivers as before. Is there someone that can point me to the correct drivers for this chipset?


              Card name: Microsoft Basic Display Adapter

                 Manufacturer: (Standard display types)

                    Chip type: Intel(r)Cantiga Graphics Chip A

                     DAC type: Intel Corporation

                  Device Type: Display-Only Device

                   Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2A42&SUBSYS_029F1028&REV_07


          I can post the full dxdiag information if necessary and i'm ready to install whatever as soon as the drivers are working.

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            Windows* 10 is not a supported operating system for this graphics controller.

            Graphics Drivers — Supported Operating Systems

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              Hi Joe, thanks for your answer! Now the problem is, do i have alternatives to the supported drivers or do i need to rollback windows 10 from that machine? I mean there is something out there that i can use to make the old win 7 driver work?


              I'm ready to go ballistic and change settings wherever i have to, just i don't have enough knowledge to do so, basically the machine is really old but is able to run win 10 it sucks to not have a minimal graphic driver to not see everything blurry or artifacts on the screen.

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                The options are:

                * Run Windows® Update, some drives are available through this option.

                * Access HP web support and run the update utility.HP Drivers and Downloads for Printers, Scanners and More | HP® Support 

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                  Hi @ricarog_intel, that is not an option, since the chip is not windows 10 supported there is not official way to fix it. So any kind of automatic procedure fails. Windows 10 drivers are bugged for my particular chip and when i install the version of this original post i have artifacts and the pc is not usable. I would like to avoid to go on a random site to perform any manual operation. The last driver that was working correctly was the windows 7 one, with some tweaks i was able to apply it to windows 8.1. I was wandering if there was a similar tweak for windows 10 too. Again i don't care much about the laptop so i would go all out and try out things before decide to roll it back to windows 8.1.

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                    Hello ghteacher/ColorEater,


                    Unfortunately from our end there is no "tweak" or workaround to make the chipset family that you have compatible with Windows 10 because sadly that is quite old and there are no plans on releasing drivers to support older platforms with Windows 10 so you may consider rolling back to a supported operating system like the ones mentioned on the link that joe_intel provided you on this same forum.


                    My sincere apologies for the inconvenience that you are having with that.


                    If you have any other question please let me know.


                    Warm regards,