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    Colossus Failure of HDMI.  Wheres my Audio?  My Video crashes too!


      Hello Everyone.  I have come to my wits end and I hope this is my final stop.  I have had this issue for the past five months and cannot resolve the problem myself, and it actually got worse recently.  I will only give you my main issues, but there are plenty of minor as well.  I believe it all stems from the HDMI output to by Sony A/V receiver.  I have some significant driver or codec or something conflicts.


      This happens 100% of the time.


      I use my computer as HTPC.  It is a PVR (using NextPVR; recently migrated from WMC due to download guide issues).  I also stream from internet (Netflix, YouTube, NFL GamePass, etc.).  I have a Colossus HD capture card from my Sat box.  I use component and S/PDIF.  From there, I send it via HDMI to my SONY STR-DH800.  The A/V pushes out on HDMI signal to my TV.  Other inputs to my A/V are PlayStation, DVD, and Xbox.  All components have Dolby 5.1 sound - except my computer.  I can only get 2 Channel.  Since the day I upgraded to Win 7 in March.


      The MAIN issue (other than never getting any surround sound from the HTPC) is when I exit NextPVR and use any other device (e.g., stream on Internet or even watch a Windows Media Center old TV program on Media Player) the playback is fine.  But, when I return to NextPVR, the audio is gone and the video capture is unwatchable.  This happens 100% of the time.  My fix?  Usually I uninstall all the drivers and codecs; 5-6 times in different orders until I get it back to functioning just for NextPVR.  I have an very unstable system, as you can see.  It does not function as a HTPC, just a PVR - such a waste of money and my time troubleshooting.


      I have posted and communicated on Windows, Hauppauge, and NextPVR forums.  I talk to their support, but no one has solved my problem.  I even installed a different sound card (all that did was totally crash my system and it was unusable).  That lands me here as my final hope.  Please Help and thanks in advance!!!


      Lenovo H530

      Windows 7 Home  SP1 64-bit

      Attached the DxDiag as requested and the screen shot below of the Hardware Ids



      Hardware Ids.jpg

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