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    Xeon L3014 - Intel AT80588JH0563M




      on my search for a very efficient CPU I stumbled over the Intel Xeon L3014 , as I´m a bit unsure about its exact specifications, here are some questions:


      Here you can see that it´s listed as "compatible" for the Intel 3210 Chipset: http://ark.intel.com/Platforms.aspx?platform=33251&mode=true


      Also the 3210 Chipset is listed as "compatible" here: http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=36892 (next to the 3200 and 5100 Chipset)


      I found some contradictorily results: this source says "LGA775" http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Xeon/Intel-Low%20voltage%20Xeon%20L3014%20-%20AT80588JH0563M.html


      this source says "LGA771" http://www.supplyframe.com/datasheet-pdf/component/intel/AT80588JH0563M-datasheet?id=1612364


      Unfortunately I can´t find explicit informations about this CPU on the Intel Hompages.


      In a nutshell: is the Xeon L3014 compatible with the 3210 Chipset and hence comes in LGA775 or is it a LGA771 CPU?


      If it´s a LGA771 CPU, why one can see it as "compatible" with the 3210 Chipset?


      Thank you.


      Regards Michael