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    About my Intel Graphics in Windows 10, problem!


      Hi, I'm Vinicius, Brazil is my country. I don't speak english, sorry, then, I will be using the translator to communicate.

      I have this computer: http://www.intel.com.br/buy/br/pt/product/desktop/computador-lenovo-h50-30g-90as0002br-com-intel-core-i5-8gb-1tb-windows-81-458109


      This computer have windows 8.1, i'm update it to Windows 10, and I had to update the chart drive.

      And with this update came a problem that seems minino and that affected me a lot. I am a minecraft player , and I use a program to record it , which is called Fraps . I recorded with a good fps rate, but after upgrading the drive , record with a low rate of FPS, is locked at 20 , and normal was 70 ~ 80 ..

      Already I tried suluções across the internet , but did not think anything and any problem related to mine must be because few do what I do , which is to record with fraps Minecraft ...

      I do not know how to communicate with people from Intel , this was the only way I found to talk about my problem.
      How do I create a more updated version that corrects the bug and let me write a great fps rate?

      Worst of all is that with the outdated drive , I can not do much , and it is updated with these bugs.
      Oh, and sorry for the mistakes , because I'm not very good in English, and I am using a translator.
      Thank you in

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          Hello Vinicius_,


          Please test using the driver that appears on the link below, which is the latest graphics driver available based on the graphics controller of your processor:


          Intel® Download Center


          Bear in mind that not all the applications that were working with previous Windows versions may not be ready to be used in Windows 10 and may present certain inconsistencies like the problem you have. If possible, test with another application similar to Fraps (Windows 10 ready) and see if you get the same situation. Also check if Minecraft can be used with Windows 10 and does not need any new patch to be fully operational.


          I will be waiting for your response. Thank you in advance for your help.


          Best regards,