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    Intel Advanced-N 6235 and Windows 10


      First off, there's some problems with the Windows 10 driver downloads redirecting me to a 404 page.


      Secondly, the windows 10 drivers for the 6235 are having some issues. I've installed the most recent Bluetooth software as well as the new WiFi software (which I had to install via the IT zip file). The error I'm describing, however, occurs both with the old drivers and the new ones.


      It seems that there is some sort of bluetooth bug. Playing over bluetooth speakers, the sound speeds up, slows down, and is generally distorted. Restarting the computer seems to solve the issue for a few minutes at most. Disabling WiFi and restarting has the same effect, but eventually it comes back. The problem gets worse when actually using the WiFi to access websites. Setting WiFi off seems to solve the issue.