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    Why is my Acer Iconia W510 with Intel GMA 3650 not suitable for Windows 10?


      I`m faced with a situation that is really strange for me. More than 30 years ago I started my computer realtion with DOS,then MS-DOS, an dlater on all Windows versions. I never experienced more than easily unsolvable compatibility issues due to what I thought, I always used Intel processors and Intel chips on the several generations of mainboards  The lifetime period of my several laptop, notebook, and desktop computers was ~ 6-7 years.


      2013 I bought an Acer Iconia W510 (convertible,Atom CPU,GMA3650)

           After several weeks of accepting my computer as suitable for Windows 10 the upgrade tool now states that it is not ok for Windows 10 due to the graphic card .

            [NB:  Acer considers the computer to be an tablet  with the result that warranty is only 1 year.

                     This is well done, because since beginnig of this year the touch panel has a defect and I can use the keyboard only :-(  ]


      Can this be true? After 2 years only my PC cannot be upgraded to an modern OS version due to graphic compatibiltiy issues.

      Is there a technical reason or is it simply too expensive to rewrite the current driver for Windows 10?


      For future investments I will take this  and AMD also into account.



      Best regards