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    [HOW TO] Revert to an older driver and prevent Windows 10 Update from reinstalling it


      Because Windows 10 and Intel have decided that the Sleep function on my laptop is now an 'optional' feature that I don't need. AND Windows Update seems to think reinstalling the offending driver is something that needs to be done constantly because 'productivity' is totally overrated and they apparently know better about which driver doesn't crash my laptop.


      1) Go to the Device Manager

      2) right-click->Properties on your Intel card in the Display adapters tree

      3) click the driver tab

      4) Click Uninstall

      5) Check Delete driver software for this device

      6) Click OK.

      7) Go to https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3073930

      8) Which inexplicably gives you the 'ability' to hide updates because if it wasn't broke before, definitely break it

      9) run the cab file

      10) Click "Hide Updates"

      11) Check off the Intel driver and the WDDM one if you have it (both for me break my laptop)

      12) If you don't see any updates, reboot your system, then re-run the tool

      13) Install the older driver of your choice