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    Intel NUC5PPYH Does not power on after shutdown




      I got an a new Intel NUC5PPYH, its having a strange issue in that it will not power back on if i shut it down, or power it off


      This can be replcated in simply changing a bios setting that when save/exit powers it off through to shutting down from the OS


      The only way i can get it to power back on is remove the power cable, put it back in and press power, and up it comes!


      Any suggestions please?


      attached screenshot of bios

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          This might be the same problem that I am experiencing, video is not initializing. If using linux see if you can SSH to the unit after it seems that it has booted. If using Windows see if you can establish a remote desktop connection.

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            Cesar Badilla

            Hello buzurk


            Please confirm  how is your Intel® NUC Kit NUC5PPYH connected to the Monitor/ TV, Which cable or adapter are your using?


            Did you try different HDMI to HDMI (high quality) ones?


            If  this is correct,  please provide your DxDiag report by pressing  Windows* key + R key, type “dxdiag”, then press OK and then click “Save All Information”. In order to be able to attach the file, make sure you select the "Advanced Editor" option in the top right of your reply window. An "attach file" dialogue will be displayed at the bottom of the reply.



            Caesar B.