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    Default audio devices on Edison


      Hi everyone,


      I'm using some software on Edison that only interacts with the default audio sink/source (ie, no app-level audio device selection). Thus, I need to configure edison to use an actual device (a USB headset) by default.

      Using pactl, I was able to set the appropriate defaults in Pulseaudio, which I confirmed with "pacat -r test.wav" and "pacat -p test.wav"

      However, my application still does not use the correct audio pipes. As it happens, ALSA does not seem to respect these new defaults - alsamixer tells me the "Loopback" device is still default.


      How can I configure ALSA to, like Pulseaudio, use a USB headset as the default source AND sink? I have tried a variety of .asoundrc changes, but I'm not absolutely sure I had the appropriate syntax there.

      Alternatively, I was considering blacklisting the non-USB audio devices (both source and sink), but I haven't found the appropriate documentation for that either.


      I'm using the latest official image, ww25.5-15, on a relatively clean install (installed JDK, maven, git).