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    Can not deassert "Physical Scrty" event




      After I unplugged two NIC-cables on GZ2600 platform the "Physical Scrty" was triggered. I dont need these phyiscal links anymore so I dont need these events asserted

      I have no idea how I can deassert them. I tried manually deassert these events:


      # ipmitool event "Physical Scrty" "System unplugged from LAN" deassert

      Finding sensor Physical Scrty... ok

      0 |  Pre-Init  |0000000000| Physical Security #0x04 | System unplugged from LAN | Deasserted


      But the sensor is still alive (0x1000 <- bitmask should be zero)


      # ipmitool sensor |grep 'Phy'

      Physical Scrty   | 0x0        | discrete   | 0x1000| na        | na        | na        | na        | na        | na



      SEL shows assert/deassert events though



      Web interface for bmc is poor. I can not find corresponding button to reset the sensor there


      Could you please advise me how can I get rid of this event ?




      Here is my BMC info:


      Device ID             : 33
      Device Revision       : 1
      Firmware Revision     : 1.20
      IPMI Version          : 2.0
      Manufacturer ID       : 343
      Manufacturer Name     : Intel Corporation
      Product ID            : 73 (0x0049)


      Thank you,