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    NUC5i3RYK vs. NUC5i5RYK


      Hello guys !


      I planned to buy an Intel NUC, in order to reduce the load of my NAS server.

      Would someone help me to choose the right according to my need ?


      I want to use it as a server without graphics with an OS like Debian 8.1.

      I would like to setup an :

      - Web server

      - Carddav, Caldav server

      - Game server (Minecraft and light 3D-games)

      - Multimedia server;  just copy some movies from my NAS at my parents house to my NUC at home and broadcast them.

      - Light software platform, in order to centralise softwares that I use for work and be able to use them remotely from any pc. (e.g. ROOT from CERN)


      According to this, because I will not use graphics, it is possible to reuse Intel HD Graphics to improve the speed of my future NUC ?

      And which NUC will be more adapt to my needs ? I don't know if an i5 isn't too much..


      Thanks a lot,