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    HD 4000 + NVIDIA Optimus - multi-head stopped working in Windows 10


      I have a laptop with Intel HD 4000 and GF 650M. It has 1x VGA (connected to Intel HD) and 1x HDMI (connected to NVIDIA) and on Windows 8.1 I've been using 2x 1920x1200 displays together with the built-in laptop display (3x in total). After upgrading to Windows 10, I can't use both external displays at the same time. I plug one, HDMI or VGA, and it lights up, but as soon as I plug the second, the first turns off and the second lights up. I noticed that if I have HDMI display plugged in only, NVIDIA Control Panel contains 3 sections - 3D Settings, Display, Video. As soon as I plug VGA display, Display and Video sections disappear and NVIDIA widget shows that the card is turned off. I am using Intel and NVIDIA 353.62 drivers. I have a friend who has a laptop with similar configuration: HD 4600 + GF 760M. We use the same NVIDIA driver versions, but his HD 4600 drivers are 4256, and for him both screens light up perfectly fine and both graphic adapters are working together.


      My Dxdiag.txt is attached.