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    Intel Edison USB host port not working with 3.7 V battery




      We have connected 3.7V 720mAh lithium battery to Intel Edison breakout board. Also, attached USB headset to USB OTG port.

      Edison is getting up with this battery but headset is not getting the power.


      From Intel Edison USB host mode, DC to DC converter can solve this issue.


      Does anyone has used 5V or greater battery and confirmed USB host port working?




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          Hi Mohita,


          The USB Host mode won't work if the Edison is powered through a 3.7V battery because the USB interface requires 5V in its power bus to provide power to the client device attached. Moreover, the Mini-Breakout board should be powered through the J21 header with an input voltage from 7V to 15V to use the USB Host mode. One option could be powering the Mini-Breakout board with a 9V battery (through the J21 header) and check if the USB device is powered too. If that doesn't work then the USB device is probably demanding more current than the battery can supply.