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    no internet on 82574L


      We recently had some storms in the area and now I cannot access the internet through the 82574L ethernet card in our mid-2010 Mac Pro.

      With the ethernet connected, I can log into the router, but I do not get any internet.  The cables and router are good as I connected everything to a laptop to test the line.  It is only the Mac Pro that will not connect to the internet.  The machine will connect to the internet via wifi.


      Is it possibly a software (driver) issue that I can somehow reset or reinstall?

      Thank you for any advice. 

      The Mac Pro is running Mac OS X 10.9.5 (Mavericks).


      Dee Dee

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          Hi Dee Dee,


                 Thank you for the post. You may try un-installing and re-installing the driver, please  contact Apple support for the software and driver since they are the one integrated the ethernet controller on the system and have the Mac OS driver for 82574L.


               Hope this clarifies.