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    Intel i7 4510U not attaining max Turbo Boost Frequency



      I've just bought few days ago a new laptop Lenovo Z50-70 with an Intel Core i7 4510U inside it. As well as in the description of the laptop, it is mentioned in Intel's website that it has a 2.0Ghz base frequency, and a 3.1Ghz max Turbo Boost Frequency.

      In the properties of my PC, which I upgraded to Windows 10 yesterday, it displays 2.6Ghz where most of my friends who have an i7 have their max Turbo Boost Frequency there.


      But this doesn't correspond to the frequency I observe when I'm rendering a heavy 3D scene in Maya, because it attains 2.8 Ghz, but never 3.0Ghz or 3.1. I'm pretty sure that it has to because it is a very huge 3D scene.

      Is Turbo Boost enabled?

      If it's not how can I enable it?