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      I waited for the new intel video card driver under win7 ultimate 64bit for about 2 weeks. A bit more actually. Because the one they had previously was not too good. Screen was blinking during games very fast - not continously and not with blackness but screwing around with displayed images and previously shown screen elements. Now with the update, the only thing that changed was Warcraft 3 being able to stretch to full 1280 width, like on xp, but it laggs like hell. Also, games periodically lagg, then stop lagging if I press alt+tab and wait for a few seconds. WHY?! What difference does alt-tab make??

      Now... I don't think the problem is on this end. I mean, I didn't toy with intel's default video card settings, and the games were configured as if under xp. They BOTH should run perfectly smooth. Hell, I have 3 times the ram allocated to my video card than under xp, that should brings some benefits, not more problems. So far I was happy to have an intel video card in my lenovo 3000 n200 cause it ate less power than other graphics cards with considerable performance... But if the driver support or generally the support for it is like this... Basically useless, that opinion of mine's gonna change for the worse.



      Not that anyone cares. - .-