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    No output observed on Galileo gen2 when I run and upload actuation example from library


      Hello everyone here,


      I have somehow successfully transmitted sensor data from my galileo gen2 board to intel iot analytic and i am able to visualize the graph. Now i want some actuation work to take place but I am unable to do that.

      I registered component "powerswitch powerswitch.v1.0" in putty ssh and then observed it on catalog of putty itself, then i went to control panel of "Iot analytics Dashboard" webpage , selected components, then selected powerswitch, gave parameter and it transfer type I used both mtqq and websocketts one after the another. But none of them were able to run my led on


      The arduino code which I transferred was



      #include <IoTkit.h>    // include IoTkit.h to use the Intel IoT Kit

      #include <Ethernet.h>  // must be included to use IoTkit

      #include <aJSON.h>

      #include <stdio.h>



      // create an object of the IoTkit class

      IoTkit iotkit;       

      int temp;

      char buf[112];



      void setup() {


        // call begin on the IoTkit object before calling any other methods



        iotkit.send("power", 1);




      void loop() {






      void callback(char* json) {


        aJsonObject* parsed = aJson.parse(json);

        if (&parsed == NULL) {

          // invalid or empty JSON

          Serial.println("recieved invalid JSON");




        aJsonObject* component = aJson.getObjectItem(parsed, "powerswitch");

        aJsonObject* command = aJson.getObjectItem(parsed, "powerswitch.v1.0");

        aJsonObject* argv = aJson.getObjectItem(parsed, "argv");

        aJsonObject* argvArray = argv->child;

        aJsonObject* name = argvArray->child; // name : on

        aJsonObject* value = name->next; // value: 1/0


        if ((component != NULL)) {

          if (strcmp(component->valuestring, "power") == 0) {

            if ((command != NULL)) {

              if (strcmp(command->valuestring, "LED.v1.0") == 0 && strcmp(value->valuestring, "0") == 0) {

                Serial.println("Light Off!");

                pinMode(13, OUTPUT);

                digitalWrite(13, false);


              if (strcmp(command->valuestring, "LED.v1.0") == 0 && strcmp(value->valuestring, "1") == 0) {

                Serial.println("Light on!");

                pinMode(13, OUTPUT);

                digitalWrite(13, true);