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    Re-load chipset drivers in D945GCCR Motherboard?


      I have an old Intel Desktop board D945GCCR that was working fine until recently.   It is now having problems recognizing my analog USRobotics modem.   I have tried connecting two external modems to both the Com1 port and to the USB input.   Both install fine but cannot communicate with the communications software.   Modems have been tested and work fine on another computer.    Also the computer seems to restart sometimes on it's own without warning.   Rare but happens.  I am thinking of re-installing the chipset drivers to see if this improves the situation.   My question is:  Can i reinstall chipsets without having to re-install everything again?   This computer is loaded with my favorite application software and has been working fine for 2 years.   I know that chipsets normally is the second thing you install after loading the operating system.     Trying to find a solution without having to start from scratch.




      D945GCCR  Intel Desktop bios version 0037 (never updated because machine was stable until now)

      Win XP Professional Serv Pack 2

      Hauppage Multimedia card installed on PCI slot

      Using Onboard Video with a 20in LG LCD monitor

      LG DVD player

      Maxtor 200G HD