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    W10, HD3000 Driver stuck on May 2015 version


      I'm fully aware of the support matrix for W10 and intel HD drivers. However, this page suggests that a 'beta' driver should be attainable via windows update in Windows 10.




      My HD3000 driver installs with a May 2015 version, as does my NVIDIA 555M driver (latest). However I'm unable to have active displays on all three ports on the side like I was before; VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort.


      With the HD3000 driver enabled in device manager, only the laptop display and the VGA attached display works.

      With the HD3000 driver disabled in device manager, only the laptop display and the HDMI & DisplayPort attached displays work.


      I went to device manager, uninstalled the HD3000 driver (chose to delete the associated files). Reboot was 'required', so I allowed. Came back to a 800x600 resolution and a Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. Opened Settings > Updates and before it could even tell me that it found updates, the OS had already reinstalled the May 2015 driver and went back to native resolution. The available updates screen finally showed up, and HD3000 was in the list. However the update fails to install;


      Intel Corporation driver update for Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000 - Error 0x80070103


      Seems the 0x80070103 reared its head because it was trying to install the driver that was already automatically installed.

      Source: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/952032


      I clicked retry, it scanned for updates again and came back saying that my device is up to date.


      Checked device manager again, still on May driver.


      My NVIDIA control panel Physx pane displays all 4 displays connected, but I can't seem to get them to all be enabled.



      Device Manager.


      Driver information.