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    Intel Cash Back Promotions, Not A Good Deal


      Here's a little story I want to share in order to vent out some of my disappointment


      Well I happened to buy two 4790k processors, one with Asus motherboard, as I saw your cashback offer. I should have known that there was something fishy in that. Well it happened to be that the company dealing with the cash back, Top Tech Cashback, had a cunning little scheme that the claims must be made only within 30-60 days after the purchase. Of course as I couldn’t do the cash back claim right away I forgot it. When I finally remembered to do the claim on (dd/mm/yy) 3.8.2015 it was conveniently 61 days after the purchase that happened 4.6.2015.


      Pretty clever to not allow immediate claim and then just wait for people to forget the thing until it's too late. That left a hole of € 50 ($ 85) on my wallet and a bad aftertaste. Is this really the Intel way of promoting their products?