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    DG45ID will not POST with RAM in channel A


      I built myself a new computer, and I'm using the DG45ID motherboard to rebuild a computer for my mom. After transferring the hardware into her old tower, I found that the computer wouldn't complete the POST and give any beeps to indicate the status of the test. After testing out different RAM configurations, I found that the same problem existed any time I inserted a DIMM into either Channel A slot, which means that I can't use dual channel memory.


      The computer has 4GB of RAM (2 x 2GB). I have found that the self test will complete successfully and allow the computer to boot if I use Channel B's slot 0 and slot 1. Using the computer in single channel memory mode isn't too big of a deal, but every time the computer is powered on, it displays a notification that a DIMM is not found in Channel A.


      Does it sound like I somehow damaged the Channel A memory slots moving the motherboard from my computer tower to my mother's, or is there something that I can do to resolve this issue, or at least stop the warning message from BIOS?