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    Windows 10 - Wifi issues (Centrino 1030)


      Hey community,


      I haven't found anything specific on the topic respectively my type, so I'm posting my problem right away.


      I have a Medion Erazer X6816 notebook with a Windows 7 Home Premium 64x Version preinstalled.


      Last weekend I upgraded it to Windows 10 Home 64x and everything went well, except for my wifi. The point is, I cannot activate my wifi - neither via button nor via system options. According to that issue, there are no wifis displayed. Nevertheless, my wifi-card is displayed as active (with latest driver) on the device manager and it is the Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1030.


      I have already tested whether there is a general issue concerning my internet, but obviously there is none since it works perfectly fine with a wifi-stick and with a direct connection to my router. Hence, I assume it must be a driver issue. Unfortunately, Windows didn't provide me with a driver for my wifi so I tried to install one manually...


      What I have done so far...

      - downloaded and installed the "latest" driver from the Medion homepage (since I live in Germany, I accessed the German homepage for my OS - the latest driver is still for Win 7 and I think quite old fashioned)

      - installed the latest Intel PROSet/Wireless Software

      - disabled and uninstalled the wifi card on the device manager (after having rebooted my notebook the card was displayed as active again - like before - without having obtained a fresh driver update by Windows)


      So, unfortunately, everything I have tried has failed and I am running out of ideas as to what to do next... My question thus would be if anybody has a clue how to solve the issue or whether there will be a driver update available for my wifi card soon?


      Thank you so much in advance for your support and best regards,